Whethan Just Flipped Spongebob’s ‘Stadium Rave’ Into A Festival-Ready Banger

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Spongebob has become a cultural icon and a gold mine of hilarious, wholesome, and unforgettable moments. One of our favorite artists, Whethan, just dove deep into his childhood memory bank and tapped Spongebob and Patrick for help on an awesome new flip.

Who can forget Spongebob’s in home rave with a full squad of jellyfish?? Dancing around the house with lights flashing, music bumping, jellyfish dancing, that’s enough to turn anyone into a raver. Whethan takes the stadium jam and slaps on some whale sized bass and a school of beefed up drums and vocal samples to turn this nostalgic jam into a Wumbo sized party starter.

No chance there will be any Sunday scaries in sight after bumping this nautical new tune. Start your week off in the best way possible with this Bikini Bottom bop. Stream Whethan’s new Sponebob Stadium Rave remix below. Enjoy!

Whethan – Stadium Rave (Whethan Turn)