Louis The Child & Whethan Just Teamed Up On Epic Surprise 6-Track Mixtape ‘Honey’


Louis The Child and Whethan have a lot in common and have just dropped a HUGE surprise on us. Both may have started out small, but through experimentation with their upbeat, synth heavy sounds, each have absolutely blown up over past few years. With each having consistently released numerous incredible singles over the course of 2017, when it comes to refreshing electronic music, it seems their creativity knows no bounds. Today, they’ve exemplified this perfectly by teaming up on a brand new surprise instrumental collab mixtape titled, Honey

It was only a matter of time before these three Chicago-based producers finally linked up, but we never would’ve expected it to be on a full project. Both LTC and Whethan’s sound design mix so perfectly on this latest offering, it’s almost scary. Characterized by wonky, lighthearted synths, bouncy basslines and energetic acoustic percussion, we’ll definitely be keeping the entirety of this 6-track mixtape on repeat for the foreseeable future. Yesterday both artists were cryptically tweeting about a big surprise today and a collab mixtape is the best case scenario so we couldn't be more excited to spend some time with this one. Check out Honey below and enjoy!  

Louis The Child & Whethan – Honey