[PREMIERE] Whethan & Oliver Tree Reunite On New Single “All You Ever Talk About”


Bubbling artists Whethan and Oliver Tree have done it again. We’re excited to be premiering their amazing new cheerful collaboration "All You Ever Talk About", which follows up their recent infectious debut collaborative track "When I’m Down" that we’ve had on repeat.

This gem of a indie-electronic and future bass hybrid once again shows the two have undeniable chemistry. This latest joint effort builds upon the success of their first. Oliver Tree’s vocals only include six repeated words, but are delivered in a way that connects incredibly well. Per usual, Whethan crafts a catchy instrumental filled with bouncing melodies and gentle sound design combining with Tree’s distinct vocals on the feel-good song. They were also joined on the track by Casey Mattson, who is a versatile keyboardist, producer and composer with a background in jazz, hip-hop and R&B. Cover art by Drew Visuals see more here.

Also see tour dates for Whethan’s The Savage Tour below in which they're be joined by Pusher, Nebra, Melvv and Party Pupils. Enjoy! 

Also Whethan has just been announced to be playing at our TSIS stage at Okeechobee festival in March alongside Brass Tracks, Louis Futon and Kasbo. See more info on the beach party stage here.

Whethan vs Oliver Tree – All You Ever Talk About | Free Download

The Savage Tour | Tickets here : 

Whethan Savage Tour