Whethan Announces New Album With Heated Single “Room Is On Fire” Ft. Snakehips and AG Club

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A proper album announcement needs a proper lead single, and Whethan’s “Room Is On Fire” is more than up to the task. The product of an all-star collaboration with the renowned Snakehips duo and AG Club, this new track is a bass house ripper with attitude and energy to spare. 

On the collaboration, Whethan shares, 

“I love Snakehips. We’ve had the chance to play some shows together and there’s always been this mutual desire to collaborate on something, so when I heard this rough demo they had going, there was this undeniable spark and I knew we had to bring it to life. Working with AG Club was sick – I love their high-energy dance music and their music videos. Collaborating with different vocalists has always pushed me to explore a wide range of sounds, adding new flavors to my work.”

Whethan goes on to share a preemptive insight into the upcoming album, Life Of A Wallflower Vol. 2, saying:

“‘ROOM IS ON FIRE’ and Vol. 2 as a whole are a reflection of my love for music and my desire to share songs that span all sorts of tempos, genres, and feelings. I think of Vol. 2 as more of a snapshot of different experiences, all woven together into one project. For me, at the end of the day it’s all about sharing the music I love and the journey it’s taken me on.”

Whethan’s library has always been a source of eclectic but immaculate vibes. It’s been a pleasure to watch and hear his growth and we can’t wait to follow this latest project. Stream “Room Is On Fire” by Whethan, Snakehips, and AG Club below. Enjoy!

Whethan x Snakehips – Room Is On Fire (Ft. AG Club)

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