Whethan Takes Us For A Ride With New Single “So Good” (feat. bülow)

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Whenever Whethan drops new music, you know it’s going to be a good day. This time he’s teamed up with Canadian singer bülow in a very unique track called “So Good“.

What drew us to this track is its excellent use of contrasting elements and moods. Through airy guitars, gritty textures and bülow’s beautiful voice, Whethan is able to create a spacey and good feeling environment. However, he’s not one to tease. The chorus is a complete 180, compacted with a well designed neuro bass, hypnotic distorted vocals and a hard trap beat that comes in with a thud.

The hype building for his next record, Fantasy, is real. Today it grew bounds. The due date on Whethan’s sophomore studio album Listen to “So Good” now, below. Enjoy!

Whethan – So Good (feat. bülow)