PREMIERE | WHIPPED CREAM Enlists REAPER On Boisterous New Banger “Shouldn’t”

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Over the past few years, WHIPPED CREAM has been on an absolute tear through the bass-music world. Having continued to make some major waves with her impressive, genre-defying sound – today we’re excited to have the pleasure of premiering her fresh new collab with enigmatic producer REAPER, “Shouldn’t“.

“We wanted to make a song that would go off in any venue across the world and we did that with ‘Shouldn’t’.” – WHIPPED CREAM

This latest offering from the all-caps trap duo is sounding exceedingly heavy. As we’ve definitely come to know and love a diverse range of intricate sound design from WHIPPED CREAM, as REAPER remains shrouded in mystery, this joint venture is sounding like a wild tag-team journey through the unknown sectors of the low-end spectrum.

“‘Shouldn’t’ features this crazy dynamic contrast to make listeners feel manic and demented. The progression of this song is intentionally irrational and a little unconventional in order to keep you on your toes.” – REAPER

Featuring a wealth of skittering breakbeats, dark, abrasive wobbles, deep, guttural growls and absolutely explosive bass – you’ll definitely want to crank the volume up to 11 before hitting play on this one. Stream “Shouldn’t” out now via our friends at Monstercat below and enjoy!