Malaa Is Back Once Again With His 21st Episode Of His “Who Is Malaa” Mix Series


Malaa’s house music crusade simply cannot be stopped. The masked man is back again with another episode of his “Who Is Malaa” mix series, which still remains one the most consistent house music mix series on SoundCloud.

This installation of “Who Is Malaa” is number 21, and If you’ve been following Malaa at all over the past few years, you already know the deal: 30 minutes of groovy, beat-driving, gritty house. This edition dives even further off the deep end into the tech-house subgenre, featuring artists Josh Butler, Mat.Joe, Lucati, and Proper Villains.

House heads will no doubt get a real kick out of “Who Is Malaa #21”, but any newbies coming across this might want to head back to the earlier episodes to grease yourself up. When you’re ready, stream Malaa’s brand new mix below and enjoy!

Who Is Malaa #21