Will.i.am Attempts to Explain Stealing from Arty & Mat Zo with Video

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After Will.i.am admitted that he did in fact steal the song "Rebound" from Arty & Mat Zo for his song "Let's Go", he sits down with none other then the Assosiated Press (AP) to explain himself. He basically plays dumb while saying some outrageous statements.

"If you look on the album there is credit. YOU CAN'T STEAL if you credited someone."

Does Will.i.am for some reason think that you can "steal" or "sample" parts of other commercial released songs and release them as your own by simply putting someone's name on album credits? Is he actually this horribly misinformed or just being very sneaky and playing dumb?

"That happens a bunch of times. Where legal takes so long but creative is instantaneous. And a lot of times, the community, for the sake of the art, bond with each other."

Wow really? Arty & Mat Zo are supposed "bond over the art" after you steal one of their tracks and give them no compensation at all and release it commercially?

"What do I know? I give it to legal I’m not no attourney. I did my piece. I gave credit to the person who did it, It’s not my fault he didn’t tell me about the other guy. So who’s to blame? I didn’t know, I wasn’t in the room when you made it. You shoulda told me you had a collaborator."

Then he actually goes on to say that he is sorry about Mat Zo not getting his name on the album credits.. Mat Zo is probably looking for a little more then simply getting his name on the album credits, maybe getting compensated for the song Will just released commercially.

This is above legal and financial obligations. It comes down to an artist who is more popular not giving respect to lesser known artist and attempting to take advantage of him. We will keep you posted on what Will.i.am plans to do.

Listen to the shocking case of Will.i.am stealing "Rebound" from Arty & Mat Zo here or below.

Will.i.am justifying stealing from Arty & Mat Zo to the Associated Press (AP)


Mat Zo & Arty – Rebound (Go to 1:00) (SONG THAT WAS SAMPLED)