Will Pretty Lights Have New Music On The Way In 2020?

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It’s a question that’s been on a lot of fans’ minds – when will Pretty Lights make his comeback? After watching and waiting on updates for quite some time, today we may have received the first evidence that the legendary producer could be returning in 2020!

It was big news when Pretty Lights released what would be his only track of 2017. With hype growing almost daily since his previous 2016 single “Only Yesterday”, eventually leading to him announcing a new album to follow up his GRAMMY-nominated 2013 LP A Color Map of the Sun and subsequently moving to LA temporarily to work with the iconic Rick Rubin, needless to say we we’re all excited to hear the next chapter of his sound.

As he continued to drop exclusive USBs to fans, incredible live flips, and an announcement for his return to Red Rocks, it was looking like we were in for something big. With album speculation reaching its peak for the second time in a few years, the seasoned musician seemed ready to unleash his wealth of unreleased IDs – only to surprise us all by going dark to take some time off for himself, which of course you can only respect. 

PL Red Rocks

Photo Credit: Sam Silkworth

But we never gave up hope that PL would be back soon and bigger than ever – and myself + the die-hard PL family fanbase have been patiently waiting. Well, now we just got a bombshell of a casual cryptic Instagram post from his frequent collaborator / stage-mate Borahm Lee; which was a simple photo of himself and PL together. In the caption he mentions that he is back in nola “to begin again”, includes emojis laying out the numbers 2020, an arrow pointing up and also hashtags “remember your future“.

The fact that we’ve never once heard them use the phrase “remember your future” and mentioning the year can only obviously lead us to believe that something big is coming in 2020, possibly called “remember your future”. Hopefully, it’s a new song, album, tour or maybe all of the above? We can only let our imaginations run wild right now. Check out the post below and let us know what you think and if you’ve seen anything else? (Hit us up in the comments / mentions on facebook or twitter) Enjoy!


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TFW you headin to nola to begin again.. ➡️2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣↗️ #rememberyourfuture 👀

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