Wiz Khalifa – Cabin Fever : Sick Chill New Mixtape

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So with Wiz Khalifa getting bigger and bigger, and becoming a mainstream name, releasing new singles like Roll up, dropping a brand new mixtape through twitter without any warning wouldn't sound like something he would do would it? Well that's exactly what the weed influenced rapper did earlier today. It's a pretty sick 9 song mixtape called Cabin Fever that is pretty good, especially considering it was dropped without any warning. I can't decide if Rolling Papers is over hyped, or if it really will take Wiz to a Mainstream player. We'll see, for now enjoy this mixtape!

Download the Entire Cabin Fever Mixtape Here

Hustlin – Wiz Khalifa | Download

WTF – Wiz Khalifa | Download

Homicide – Wiz Khalifa | Download

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