Wiz Khalifa – Work Hard Play Hard : Sick New Hip Hop Single + Throwback Track ft. Empire of the Sun

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Today I've got a real catchy track from one of the best household hip hop names, Wiz Khalifa. I will always respect him and his team's grind for always building up his fanbase with mixtapes. His recent Taylor Aldderdice mixtape was a sick chill ride, following up his classic Kush & OJ mixtape. Well this is the first track off his upcoming new album, and it's sick. It's got a really solid beat that's got an overall chill vibe with some BIG bass. Wiz states the secret to his success.. working hard. Rapping about how rich you are get's pretty old, but Wiz manages to do it well. As I bonus I've included an older throwback track of his B.A.R. mixtape featuring Empire of The sun called "The Thrill". I know some of you have never heard this one. Enjoy the new and old!

Wiz Khalifa – Word Hard Play Hard | Purchase through iTunes Here

Wiz Khalifa – The Thrill (Empire of the Sun) | Direct Download