[PREMIERE] Rising Producer WOLFE Shares Dark New Single “Through With You”

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With a growing repertoire of releases under his belt, Los Angeles-based producer WOLFE has been gaining attention over the past couple years with a sound that blends the grittiness of trap with the sleekness of future bass. Today we’re happy to be premiering a new release from the artist titled “Through With You” via Lowly Palace.

"This was one of those songs that just had to come out.  At the time, I was so overwhelmed with emotions regarding a doomed relationship and my only true outlet was writing.  It felt so personal that I knew I had to sing on it. I honestly didn’t expect anyone to get it precisely because of how personal it was, but the positive feedback from my team and friends was a really pleasant surprise. I’m just so excited to finally release it." – WOLFE

This intense emotion is something that really shines through with this release. WOLFE takes things darker than he has before, stepping away from his use of drops and sticking to a more progressive sound. The track grips you from the start with hollow piano chords, faraway vocal samples and moody percussion. A steady bassline takes center stage from there, with brooding production elements lurking beneath the surface. Beyond this, WOLFE kicked things up a notch by recording his own vocals that mix well with the female vocals he samples throughout. Altogether, this bold style is an impressive development for the artist, and we can’t wait to see more of it in the future. Check it out below and enjoy!

WOLFE – Through With You