Wolfgang Gartner – There and Back (Dead C∆T Bounce Remix): Must Hear Filthy Electro House Remix + Original


Today I've got a huge new hard hitting electro house track from Wolfgang Gartner, it's a track that's for sale through Beatport here. I've posted the preview of the track below, and also got a huge remix of the track that we've got the free download of. The original track 'There and Back' from Wolfgang hits very hard and has an anthem quality just made to get played throughout this year's festival season. Well the massive remix is from Dead C∆T Bounce, a producer from the small country of Luxembourg. He pumps the track full of even crunchier electro filth, and is passing it out for free. Which version do you like better? Find some good speakers, blast them, enjoy!

Wolfgang Gartner – There and Back (Dead C∆T Bounce) | Direct Download

Wolfgang Gartner – There and Back (Original Mix) | Stream Only | Purchase on Beatport

Wolfgang Gartner – There And Back (Original Mix)

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