Wongo Commands You “Get Up” and Dance on New Tech Banger with Owie


Do you ever find a song that you surrender to completely? That’s exactly what Wongo is hoping you’ll do when you listen to his new track with Owie called “Get Up”. Released over the weekend on label Box Of Cats, this house heater is a driving force of relentless dancefloor energy, and one that begs listeners to release their inhibitions and let the music flow through them. 

“Get Up” is a party packed into just over five and a half minutes. The track starts by plunging right into a pulsating bass line, and Wongo ups the ante as he introduces crisp hi-hats and builds towards a sweet release. Owie’s commanding vocals urge you to “get up on the dancefloor”, and between the rhythm and the peer pressure, it’s impossible to refuse. Let the irresistible clubby groove take over your body, and you can experience the song to its full potential. 

You can check out the track below. Enjoy!

Wongo ft. Owie – Get Up