World Premiere: Thomas Jack Presents Tropical House Vol. 3 Bakermat Guest Mix + Exclusive Interview [Free Download]


We couldn't be happier to announce our official partnership with rising Australian producer / DJ Thomas Jack and his incredible Tropical House Mixtape series. Having premiered Volume 1 and Volume 2 with HUGE success along with how big of fans all of us at TSIS are of this Tropical House movement, it only made sense to officially partner up with TJ as the official presenter of the series. On top of the latest mix in the series, we also had a chance to catch up with Tom for a few questions about him and this Tropical House ideology. 

We have something for Volume 3, the first guest mix of the series showcasing some of the other amazing artists showcasing the tropical house sound. Today the Dutch producer Bakermat has carved his own sound so much that he has landed his own stage at this years Tomorrowland. He's delivered an incredible 60 minute mix with some of his best originals, remixes and favorite current tracks. 

Thomas Jack Tropical House Volume 3: Bakermat Guest Mix | Free Download

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I wanted to know more about Thomas Jack and what this Tropical House movement was all about, here's what we had to say:


Where are you original from and where do you reside now?

I am originally from a small country town called Bemboka in New South Wales, Australia. Currently I live in Bathurst which is a university town, where I used to study before I pursued my music career. 


Are there any particular artists who have influenced / inspired you to create music?

There has been a lot of influences on my career, but it all started with the man Paul Kalkbrenner. I love all his tracks and seeing him live was mind blowing. The myriad of emotions which he evokes in his tracks is incredible. My favourites from him are definitely  "Facing The Sun (Paul Kalkbrenner Remix)" & "Aaron." Bakermat has also had a huge influence on my music and has really inspired me after I heard his track "Vandaag." From there, the combination of the two gave me a good starting point to create my own sound and develop the type of music I wanted to bring to people. 


We've seen you coin the term “Tropical House” used to describe your music, could you tell us a more on the genre and how it applies to your music.

The genre "Tropical House" was kind of a joke at the start. One of my mates told me to label my music under a genre. I loved summer vibes and the beach so I thought tropical house would be a cool name. The genre, for me, is more of a vibe which seems to be coming through certain artist's music recently. Tropical House is still in the early stages but I'm excited to see what kind of sounds develop. 


The prominence of deep house music within the last 2 years has brought a new wave of production to the table. Has the genre had an impact in your music making process?

Deep House has had a huge influence on my music. It has similarities to my music and I tend to play a lot of it in my sets. People like Claptone, Andhim, Kolombo, Pleasurekraft and Duke Dumont have some epic tunes and have given me a lot of ideas for my music. 


Can you reveal any juicy details for your upcoming “Tropical House” Mixtapes?

Ah, there is so much going on with it at the moment and it's really exciting. I can't give too much away but I have some massive guest mixes coming up over the next few months which are going to be, well, massive! These also include huge premiers of their upcoming tracks and much more. The mixtape series is all about sharing good vibes and bringing the sounds of Tropical House to people that have never heard it before. The guest mixes will include not only the best in the genre but also new artists that are creating fantastic music. 


Having extensively toured around your native country, do you have any shows that stick out amongst the rest?

There are so many its hard to choose from, but if I had to pick one it would have to be my last show in Melbourne, Australia. The event was run by two of my house mates which was pretty interesting as they had never organised an event before. They are pretty relaxed guys so it was a bit worrying, but the event was insane. Everyone had such a good vibe and it was a super loose night. 


You were scheduled to come stateside for a national tour this winter and spring, but were denied each time. What were the difficulties behind getting your Visa and when will you be returning to America?

Haha, the whole thing has been so frustrating, but its almost over and we will soon have the visa. I generally give out my music for free and didn't have many relations with labels which was the issue to not getting the visa, but I finally have some solid official remix's coming out and an original coming out with someone awesome. I should be touring American/Canada in September if things keep going to plan!  


From diverse music festivals to emerging new talent, the Australian music scence exploded to new heights towards the end of last year. What is your view on its current status as one of electronic music's hottest territories?

The Australian music scene is awesome at the moment. There are so many artists coming out and doing their own thing and reaching a global audience which is awesome. There are also so many different genres being created and the scene is really booming at the moment. Right now I think it's epic and I can only see it getting better this year. 


Maybe this could put out some feelers for new music, but who are some artists you would like to collab with?

There are so many talented artists out there and so many people I would love to work with. My favorite part of making music is the fusion of different sounds from all around the globe. I really love working with instrumentalists who use interesting instruments and create sounds that have never been heard before. Klingande is an artist I've been talking to about collaborating and I really think we could create a track with some sexy vibes. Also I know a lot of people have been wanting myself and Kygo to get together and make a track. I can say that it is actually happening at the moment which is really exciting. 


What is your view on the chill music movement that is happening right now all across the world?

I love it! There are so many artists starting to get involved in it. I feel it has so much room to expand and there are so many directions it can go. The acoustic remixes/edits seem to be huge at the moment and they are awesome to work with as they have so much room for creative development. I have huge faith that it will continue to grow as there are so many amazing artists putting out incredible music. It's people like Kygo – who has blown up over the past few months, hitting huge numbers on his SoundCloud and on YouTube, making those epic remix's with that sexy high pitched synth and his amazing melodies – who are going to make waves in the music scene. Bakermat is also doing huge things with his music. He has really taken off with that sexy sax sound. How can't you get a good vibe from it? It will be interesting to see where the chill music scene stands at the end of this year and to see how it has evolved.


I'd like to thank all my fans for the continuous support and love you have for my music. Also all of my friends old and new that inspire me everyday to keep doing what I love.

Tracklist after the jump.

1. Gush – Siblings (David Kellers Remix)

2. Cleavage – Grace (Original Mix)

3. St. Germain – So Flute (Mozambo Remix)

4. Alicia Keys – You Don't Know My Name (The SAME remix)

5. Rafas – Sundream (Claptone Remix)

6. Fake Blood – Waiting (original mix)

7. Nice7 – Time To Get Physical (Tube & Berger Remix)

8. Spada – Red Velvet Dress (Original Mix)

9. Gabriel Vitel – Feeling Better

10. Filous – Summer (cover)

11. Sophie Hunger – Le Vent Nous Portera (De Hofnar Edit)