PREMIERE | Melt Under WRCKTNGL & M!NGO’s Wave Single ‘Control’

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If you’re in need of immense sonic landscapes, look no further than WRCKTNGL and M!NGO’s atmospheric new track, “Control.” The new single comes as the first release of 2022 for

These two Colorado collaborators are no strangers to the low end. Both have carved out firm reputations in the fast-growing realm of dark bass and wave music, and this latest offering finds the two combining talents for an immersive listening experience seldom seen before. From dream-inducing highs to powerfully grounding lows, a symphony of synths encapsulates the full range of resonance.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your meditation, your drive, your workout, or even just your day, throw on WRCKTNGL and M!NGO’s “Control” and feel the weight of anxiety and inhibition melt away. Stream below and enjoy!

WRCKTNGL & M!NGO – Control