Wyld Ruse Drop Beautiful, Mysterious Genre Blender, “Psychogenic Fugue”

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I don’t know about you, but I think music is best enjoyed without constraints, without the need for extemporaneous definition. So whenever we get a submission that throws genre lines to the wind, our ears perk right up. Today, we’re happy to introduce Los Angeles-based trio, Wyld Ruse, to the site with their impressively unique new track, “Psychogenic Fugue.”

This trio is exploding with experience and talent, with over 20 years of industry music experience in production and engineering they’ve worked with talents like Kid Cudi, Dr. Dre, Xzibit, and others; including multiple Grammy award-winning producers and songwriters. They channel this prowess into an epic new tune that grips listeners from start to stop. Themes of bass-heavy trance, early 2000’s rock, and more all coalesce into a seductively dark story of a lost person searching for his counterpart, with a rebirth at the culmination.

This alluring new offering is the 4th single from Wyld Ruse’s upcoming album, “Sphere.” We’ll likely be hearing much more from this trio and their myriad of sounds, but for now, we’ll give “Psychogenic Fugue” a proper rinse. Stream below and enjoy!

Wyld Ruse – Psychogenic Fugue