[PREMIERE] Newcomer XAINS Delivers Must Hear Debut Single “Set Me Off” : Indie Electronic

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Today we are premiering the debut track from a brand-new artist named XAINS. We know very little about the mysterious musician other than the fact that he’s worked with producers for A-list talent such as Selena Gomez, Nick Jonas, and Brittany Spears. His debut single “Set Me Off” marks his first solo work as XAINS.

“Set Me Off” gives off indie electronic vibes, where XAINS combines smooth, soulful vocals with crisp production. The bright, electric piano forms the track’s backbone, the deep bass combining with each chord. A distant tremoring synth can be heard in the background as a catchy, acoustic guitar melody forms alongside the R&B-style vocals.

XAINS effortlessly combines these elements with thumping house kicks to create a unique and energetic ambiance. “Set Me Off” is the first single off XAINS’ debut album, which is slated to be released in early 2018. Check it out below and enjoy!

XAINS – Set Me Off | Download