[PREMIERE] Newcomer Artist Xie Delivers Impressive Genre-Blending Debut Single “Just Like Me” With V!RTU

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TSIS is excited to introduce Xie to the site with the premiere her debut single “Just Like Me” which is a collaborative piece with the LA-based producer/singer V!RTU. Xie is a Chinese-American producer, singer and multimedia artist based in LA with the ultimate goal of bringing a fresh perspective to indie electronic music. Her first original work “Just Like Me” is certainty a reflection of this goal as she and V!RTU both take turns singing on the track.

"Regardless of our differences or even similarities, we are all in it together. This song celebrates a universal world." – Xie 

The track itself has a progressive start combining an airy melody, a grungy underlying bassline and a minimalistic percussion pattern. Xie’s vocals on top of it all creates a dynamic sound that continually builds energy before hitting its climax with an experimental drop. The breakdown then features V!RTU providing atmospheric vocals which are eventually combined with Xie’s to create an immersive sound that mesmerizes listeners. “Just Like Me” is an impressive introduction to Xie and with it she has surely earned her place on out artists to watch list. Enjoy!

Xie & V!RTU – Just Like Me