Talented Producer XXYYXX Returns From Multiple Year Hiatus With Chill Hip-Hop Track “I Dont”


After two years of silence, Orlando producer XXYYXX is back with a new single that shows a new side of him. The new song, "I Don't" featuring $K, is the first we've heard from him since his popular track "Red" from 2013, and is the first of two singles he'll be releasing this year. 

His usual minimal, downtempo sound that got him sampled by Chance the Rapper and SZA is replaced with stronger synths that stand out alongside effected vocal samples. The song features LA rapper $K, who provides verses and a bridge on top of XXYYXX's production. While it is a departure from his old sound, his talent and attention to detail make this a welcome change. 

Marcell Everett, who goes by the name XXYYXX, will be hitting the road for the rest of 2017 so make sure to catch him on tour if you can. Enjoy! 

XXYYXX – I Dont | Purchase