San Holo & Yellow Claw Team Up For New Laidback Trap Tune “Summertime”


San Holo and Yellow Claw may be two producers with vastly different styles, but nobody can deny that when they get together to collaborate, they can create gold. This is the third time the Dutch producers have worked together on a track. Their past collabs, "Alright" and "Old Days" were two very unique tunes, but there’s no doubt that “Summertime” is their strongest work together thus far.

Between Yellow Claw’s specialization in heavy bass and San Holo’s in sweet, rich melodies, you really can’t go wrong with these two. “Summertime” is a perfect, lighthearted trap tune that will nurse you back to health on those warm, hungover mornings. The new track has soothing vocals, shimmering synths, and even some smooth guitar licks at the end that close the track out nicely.

Based on how well Yellow Claw and San Holo go together, we can safely assume that this won’t be the last we hear from them. Enjoy!

Yellow Claw & San Holo – Summertime