Rising Artist YEOMAN Balances Poignant Lyrics With Euphoric Production On “Echoes Of You”


Every now and then, a song will completely stop us in our tracks, demanding an instant repeat. The latest to do that is “Echoes of You” by rising producer YEOMAN.

YEOMAN slowly charges up the track in the beginning, letting spoken word poetry about the tension between life and death take the center stage over delicate piano. However, before long, a driving synth melody takes over the track, completely transforming the mood of the song into euphoria. With its stutter-like tremolo beats, YEOMAN’s production perfectly captures the current cultural zeitgeist of dance music.

Here’s what the British artist had to say about this release:

“This track all started by messing around with a piano while listening to one of my favourite poets. I felt that the words resonated with me such feelings of sorrow and yet also gave a feeling of hope and euphoria. I wanted to express this by using deep emotional piano chords mixed with vibrant uplifting bouncy leads and plucks. Once the body of the track came the rest just flowed.”

You can listen to “Echoes of You” below. Enjoy!

YEOMAN – Echoes of You