YOOKiE Drops Off A Lethal New Face-Melter With New Single “BUBBLE BASS”


Uh oh. YOOKiE is back on site. You know what that means. The dynamic duo of bass has just delivered a ridiculous new dubstep single titled, “BUBBLE BASS,” and all I can say is that this tune is wild.

The New York based team make a lot out of a little with this crazy cut. Some DL vocal samples open up alongside minimal percussion and cheeky lil pop. But don’t get it twisted, once we peak that rise, have that mop ready. Is that the sound of the drop or is that sound of my brain boiling? I can’t tell. Maybe both? Whatever is, don’t stop.

The boys are ridiculous. When you put out material like this and the FiSSiON EP, it’s no wonder their bass is steadily taking over the world. Careful with this one though, you may not be right for a bit after listening. Stream YOOKiE’s new single, “BUBBLE BASS,” below. Enjoy!