Young Thug Didn’t Show Up For “Wyclef Jean” Music Video, Director Drops It Anyway


Some big rappers have a track record of sometimes being unreliable, whether it's being late, not showing up, etc. Well, Young Thug fits that bill as he ended up not being able to make his own video shoot for "Wyclef Jean" which costed $100k. 

The video opens up to a recording of Young Thug explaining what he wants the video to look like, from the actors to the set to the props. His vision entailed models driving kiddie cars, kids in real cop cars and lots of girls. With Young Thug not being present for the shoot, director Ryan Staake from Pomp & Clout decided to do the best he could without the star being there. Staake provides hilariously blunt commentary of the entire situation and ends up with a hysterical video that is great, despite it only having one shot with Young Thug in it where he's eating Cheetos (which he ended up recording on his own anyway).

Watch this hilarious take on the process of making a big time hip-hop music video. Enjoy!

Young Thug – Wyclef Jean | Official Video