Your 2023 Spotify Wrapped Begins Today

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It’s that special time of the year again. Spotify Wrapped has officially been rolled out for 2023, dissecting your individual listening choices and breaking down your top artists, genres, and more.

The feature is only available on the mobile app where the 2023 Wrapped widget will be available on your homepage. You cannot view the slideshow on the desktop or web version of Spotify but you can, however, still view the playlist of your top-played songs.

Once again, Spotify Wrapped comes filled with all kinds of fun animations and graphic design throughout a personalized slideshow. The slideshow covers everything from genres explored, most listened songs, time spent listening, and more. And once again, Spotify Wrapped closes things off with a unique “horoscope” that defines your listening characteristics.

2023 #SpotifyWrapped has entered the chat.

— Spotify (@Spotify) November 29, 2023
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