Your Spotify Wrapped Has Arrived


Every year, many listeners look forward to when Spotify dissects their listening choices and breaks down their top artists, genres, and more. Today is the day that Spotify Wrapped has officially been rolled out for 2022, and as always, it’s looking as spiffy and detailed as ever.

If your mobile Spotify app is up-to-date, then you should be able to view your Spotify Wrapped slideshow on the home page. A pop-up will notify you that it’s ready to be viewed. You cannot view the slideshow on the desktop or web version of Spotify. You can, however, view the playlist of your top-played songs.

This year, dazzled up with psychedelic animations, Spotify will tell you how many genres you explored, your different listening moods throughout the day, your total minutes listened (and how it compares to others), and more.

#SpotifyWrapped is here 🎶 Update your Spotify app to get yours. Who is on your Top 5?

— Spotify (@Spotify) November 30, 2022