Yung Bae Drops Star-Studded Remix For “Bad Boy” Ft. Wiz Khalifa, MAX, & bbno$

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Yung Bae is one of future funk’s biggest advocates. He’s dialed in his sound to a seamless tapestry of disco, funk, and chill-wave that delivers some of the most irresistibly danceable tracks in the game. Today, he’s taken his viral hit track “Bad Boy” and given it a serious add on, tapping the talents of Wiz Khalifa, MAX and bbno$.

This track wastes zero time landing you in the middle of the dance floor. A 4×4 drum kit instantly makes your head bob while the bass and high speed plucking guitars slowly start molding your groove. And then come the violins. Jeez, I feel like we’ve entered the hottest disco in town. Sprinkle in some kinetic free flowing rap by bbno$ and Wiz Khalifa and MAX’s powerful back up vocals, and you got yourself one scrumptious tune.

If this track isn’t in your party playlist, you are making a serious mistake. All its pieces fit so well together, each playing its part to perfection to deliver a highly rinsable banger. So kick your weekend off in the best way possible by streaming Yung Bae’s remixed party starter, “Bad Boy” featuring Wiz Khalifa, bbno$, and MAX below. Enjoy!

Yung Bae – Bad Boy (feat. Wiz Khalifa, bbno$, Max)