Yuzostate Drops Enchanting New Jam, “Brink Of Contrast”


We may focus on a lot of electronic music here on TSIS, but I’m a sucker for live instrumentation. There’s just something about a proper jam that is oh so tasty. Our newest addition to the site, Yuzostate, joins our ranks with a smoky downtempo cut titled, “Brink of Contrast,” produced entirely by the talent of lone band member Harry Oetegenn.

You’ll definitely want to spark one up for this new cut. A light patter of the percussion is precise and active, but the full-bodied bass line keeps us planted in a mellow mood. Once the lead guitar slithers into the forefront, it’s impossible not to sink deeper and deeper into its spaced our reverberating tones.

This one track can satisfy your taste for some funk, reggae, soul, dub, and psychedelia all in one fell swoop, easily looping on repeat for continued transcendence. Stream Yuzostate’s “Brink of Contrast” below. Enjoy!

Yuzostate – Brink of Contrast