Zanski Takes Things In A Chill Direction With Incredible ‘Upon Frigid Water’ EP

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If Zanski isn’t already on your radar, we’re telling you right now that he definitely should be. As we had the pleasure of introducing him to the site with a premiere of his recent single “Hauntology“, the Toronto-based artist has now dropped his full Upon Frigid Water EP, and it’s sounding amazing.

If you’re a fan of Jerry Folk, Ivan Ave or any other master of groove, you’re sure to find something to like on this latest offering from Zanski. Characterized by a beautiful mix of soft accoustic instrumentation and immaculate electronic percussion, Zanski rides the line between indie-rock, hip-hop, R&B and more throughout the entirety of this five-track sonic journey.

So sit back with some good headphones, or set out on a sunset drive because this will defintiely have you in your feels. Stream Upon Frigid Water below and enjoy!

Zanski – Upon Frigid Water EP