Zedd Delivers Epic Classically-Inspired Score For National Geographic’s “One Strange Rock” Series

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When it comes to creating scores for nature soundtracks, electronic music producers have often been recruited to lend their talents, translating their vast knowledge of sound design into cinematic soundscapes. Take for instance Flume’s collaboration with Greenpeace for their video highlighting the effects of climate change on the Great Barrier Reef. In similar fashion, Zedd has impressed us yet again with his score for the new National Geographic documentary, One Strange Rock.   

The score for One Strange Rock brings elements of Zedd’s sound and infuses them with those more typically heard in big, orchestral arrangements for movies and TV. Zedd makes use of subtle piano and string melodies as the energy builds, working in ticking clock sounds like those used in his recent hits “Stay” and “The Middle.” The musical intensity reaches a crescendo where Zedd brings in heavy kicks and snares, blasting us with deep horns, epic choir, and more strings. The composition draws from Zedd's classical background. “It is very different,” says Zedd. “I come from classical music, so this is much more in line with what I used to do 20 years ago.”

If this soundtrack alone isn’t enough to get you hyped, this series is produced by filmmaker Darren Aronofsky and narrated by none other than Will Smith. The premier of One Strange Rock aired yesterday on National Geographic and is surely something you'll want to check out. The ten-part documentary will focus on life on Earth as seen from the perspectives of eight astronauts who have left and come back. Check out the official trailer and listen to Zedd’s score below. Enjoy!

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