Zedd – Shave It (Kaskade Remix) : Massive Electro House Remix + Original


So Kaskade typically makes amazing music, but it's ussually on the softer more house side of things. Well today that completely changes when he does his version of Zedd's massive anthem 'Shave It', original posted below. The electro house track was already so massive and epic, well Kaskade does it justice and spins it into a completely new track, almost more fit to play in certain venues, like huge arenas. It's still as fierce, but with an added bit of Kaskade. It's got that big room feel. This was released on Skrillex's new OWSLA label and can be purchased here.Turn up the bass, blast these, enjoy!

Zedd – Shave It (Kaskade Remix) | Buy On Beatport |  Sample


Zedd – Shave It | Buy On Beatport | Sample


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