Zeds Dead & Jauz Reuinte on Melodic Dubstep Track “S.O.S.” with Nicole Millar

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Zeds Dead and Jauz have proven to be compatible collaborators once again. The trio has joined forces for their third effort, a new single titled “S.O.S.,” which features singer Nicole Millar. It’s co-released by both artists’ respective labels, Deadbeats and Bite This.

Aided by the gorgeous vocal performance from Millar, Zeds Dead and Jauz open a portal to a lost art craft. Melodic dubstep with female vocals had the EDM scene in a chokehold back in the early to mid-2010s. With these scene veterans fully active during those years, they perhaps know the era better than anyone. They channel it in a perfect way with “S.O.S.,” as it brings back nostalgic memories of our earliest raves.

You can stream “S.O.S.” below. Enjoy!

Zeds Dead & Jauz – “S.O.S.” (feat. Nicole Millar)