Zeds Dead Release Surprise Double-Single “Rude Boy 22 / Fugue in D minor”

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Zeds Dead have been consistently serving up quality singles for their fans this year, already racking up a total of six with the release of “The Machines” earlier this month. The duo isn’t stopping there, though. Just yesterday, they announced a surprise collaboration with Spotify Singles, releasing two exclusive new tracks. In collaboration with Spotify, the duo decided to take this opportunity to put a spin on one of their most iconic tracks “Rude Boy,” topping their Spotify Singles off with a cover of Bach’s “Fugue in D minor.”

Originally a downtempo, slow-pulsing groove, “Rude Boy” gets a drum & bass make-over, thus transforming into “Rude Boy 22.” This new bright-eyed rendition picks up the pace of the classic track, spicing the production up with modern Zed’s Dead production. Being the creative, out-of-the-box producers they are, Zeds Dead follows “Rude Boy 22” with a bass cover of “Fugue in D minor,” absolutely commanding those 1700’s Bach melodies as if they were their own.

Zeds Dead commented on the process behind creating these tracks, noting:

For our Spotify Singles track, we chose an old one of ours called “Rude Boy.” This was a track that came out in about 2010. It was actually our first, official release. Miraculously, we were able to find the stems to it. And we came up with this drum & bass version of it. I think the ideal place to listen to these songs would probably be in your car. Playing them loud. Probably driving somewhere late at night.

You can listen to Zeds Dead’s Spotify Singles, “Rude Boy 22” and “Fugue in D minor” at the links below, via Deadbeats. Enjoy!

Zeds Dead – Rude Boy 22

Zeds Dead – Fugue in D minor