zensei ゼンセー Brings His Dreams To Life with New EP “lucid”


Canadian producer, zensei ゼンセー, last appeared on Monstercat with his eleven-track album, Destination Heartbreak. Today, he returns to the imprint to explore the topics left unsaid in his prior project – specifically, to mirror the vivid experiences of his own lucid dreams. This is lucid.

Just seconds into the title track, zensei ゼンセー entrances us with his existential production. Highly textural percussion and deep synth pads fuse, joined together by a warm, rounded kick. Moving onto track two, “haunted” takes on a more joyful tone, focusing on melodies and uplifting, bright sounds. zensei ゼンセー ends the EP with a stunning recreation of Daft Punk’s “something about us,” staying true to the greatness of the original track, but truly creating something new and clearly identifiable as zensei ゼンセー.

You can stream lucid at the link below, out everywhere via Monstercat Silk. Enjoy!

zensei ゼンセー – lucid