Zes Unveils Serene, Passionate New EP ‘Somewhere in the Middle’ Via bitbird

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For the past few years, Zes has continued to grow and evolve his incredibly unique sound into something truly special. Having been picked up by San Holo’s bitbird label at the beginning of the year, the Dutch producer has now unveiled his new EP Somewhere in the Middle.

Somewhere between soft/serene and heart-wrenchingly passionate lies this latest offering from Zes. As the multi-talented artist started out the journey to this triumphant release via “Drive” back in January, we’re overjoyed to now get our ears on the full project.

Featuring inspiration from all over the indie/electronic spectrums, Somewhere in the Middle delivers a wealth of ethereal acoustic instrumentation married with intricate sound design and immaculate vocals. Get ready to be dropped directly into your feelings with this one. Enjoy!

Zes – Somewhere in the Middle