ZHU Drops His First-Ever Mixtape ‘Musical Chairs (Vol. 1)’

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Grammy-nominated powerhouse, ZHU, delivers a constantly evolving flow of creativity and innovation through each new piece of music he releases. His discography, showcasing the variety of soundscapes the producer is capable of creating, receives a welcome new addition today with the release of Musical Chairs Mixtape (Vol 1).

Settling the listener into a wave of soulful guitar licks and spacey synth pads, ZHU introduces his first song, “The Fall.” A refreshingly genre-defiant track, the rock vibes of its introduction quickly turn into a full-force electronic drop as pop vocals come into the mix, yet again shifting the mood. Continuing down a path of experimentation up until its close, the mixtape ends with the standout track “Wet.” This bass-rooted tune, aided by production from Mr. Carmack, dips its toes into the trap pool with fully-loaded hip hop hats, naturally flowing between airy, vocal-driven verses and heavy drops.

ZHU also includes an impressive collaboration with UK artist Elderbrook. “Unbothered,” an intimate ballad interspersed with techno kicks and grinding synths, proves to be one of the most enticing joint efforts we have heard from the producer thus far.

You can listen to the entirety of Musical Chairs Mixtape (Vol 1) at the link below. out everywhere via Astralwerks. Enjoy!

ZHU – Musical Chairs Mixtape (Vol 1)

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