ZHU Is Selling A Hard Drive Containing Unreleased Music For $4571


UPDATE: According to the @ZHUMerch Instagram page, this price point is simply a placeholder, and will only be available in the Risky Mystery Evidence Bags.

ZHU recently unveiled a new line of merch for his fans. The collection is dropping tomorrow, and along with it, a very special item—a 1 TB hard drive that contains “unreleased content.”

It says on the site that this item is exclusively 1 of 1, however it also mentions below that it is also available in the mystery boxes he’s selling. The price of the hard drive is currently set at $4571.61, while the mystery boxes are priced at $80.

Is there anyone out there who’s got the cash to throw down for some unreleased ZHU music? I guess we’ll see how loyal ZHU’s fans are with this one. Sure there’s somebody out there who can afford it.

If you feel like blowing a few racks for some unreleased ZHU content all for yourself, the new merch goes lives tomorrow at 7:00pm PT. Click here for more info.