ZHU Silently Drops New Music Via Mysterious Website


ZHU is always finding ways to do things differently. Earlier this month, he surprise dropped his newest Musical Chairs Mixtape: Volume Two with one caveat; you could only obtain the mixtape via text. If you were one the lucky few to get your hands on it before it mysteriously disappeared, props to you.

If not, it seems that ZHU has one again, cryptically revealed another way to listen. Heading over to ZHU’s mysterious website seems simple at first glance. However, if you click on the background you’ll notice that music begins to play. The audio plays as a continuous mix that once again features several never-before-heard tracks.

There’s never a dull moment when it comes to ZHU and his team and while we’re sure more music will eventually end up on digital streaming platforms, those of us who just can’t wait are here for it. Check out the link to hear ZHU’s new music here.