Listen To ZHU & Tame Impala’s Epic New Hypnotic Single “My Life”


Just about a month ago, ZHU got the electronic music world buzzing with a tweet that there would be a forthcoming collaboration with the highly acclaimed Australian band Tame Impala. At the time we could only imagine how awesome it would be to combine two of the most sought after artists within their respective genres and having them collaborate on a track. Today, that anticipation ends with the official release of their new track "My Life"

"My Life" features the intoxicating vocals of Kevin Parker, the lead singer and frontman of Tame Impala, with ZHU providing the production and additional vocals. 
"My Life" has such a smooth and lulling vibe to it that it feels like listening to the soundtrack of a good dream you may have had. The combination of artists proved to be the perfect collaboration on this incredible new song. This track is definitely something that we will be having on repeat for quite some time. We hope you dig it just as much as we do. Enjoy!

ZHU & Tame Impala – My Life