Zuso Makes His TSIS Debut With Ambient House Single “Run Free”


Australian producer, Zuso, pulled us in to his discography with a unique sound characterized by atmospheric production and dreamy soundscapes. Today, he makes his TSIS debut with his newest single “Run Free.”

A refreshingly clean house mix, with ear candy from front to back, Zuso absolutely nailed the sound design on “Run Free.” Roll your windows down and settle into a bed of analog synth saturation and tight grooves. Complimented by a delightfully airy vocal, the production feeds on ambient, care-free vibes. Put simply, this is your new feel-good track.

“Run Free” is one of five tracks included in Zuso’s newly released Lost In Time EP, a milestone for the artist. Make sure to check out the rest of the tunes while you’re at it!

You can stream “Run Free” from Zuso’s Lost In Time EP at the link below. Enjoy!

Zuso – Run Free