10 Of Our Favorite Marc Rebillet Videos That Will Give You Life


Here at TSIS, there’s nothing we appreciate more than talent and creativity coming together to make top notch music and entertainment, so it’s only natural that we are huge Marc Rebillet fans. The improvisational “loop daddy” has taken the internet by storm over the past couple years with his seemingly boundless energy, even taking his unparalleled live show on international tour.

In a time when the world seems to be under more uncertainty and unrest than ever, a one-in-a-million blend of head-turning instrumental talent and eccentrically diverse songwriting (with just a touch of a very much healthy, not-weird-at-all-fixation with buttholes) make Marc the unfiltered, bath robe clad hero the people need most. So set aside whatever you’re doing, we’re about to make your day, week, month, and year, with our list of ten Marc Rebillet songs that will give you life. Watch the master go to work below and enjoy!

Reach Out

This track is a solid introduction for anyone who might just be learning about the Loop Daddy. As he effortlessly builds one his most popular tracks piece by piece into a high speed banger, you get a great glimpse into the looping mastery, energy, and musical talent this man possesses.


Unfiltered eccentric energy is the cornerstone of McRebillet’s work. How can you not absolutely lose it while watching him just dive so deep into a character like this??


One of the most impressive things about Marc is his improvisation ability. The things he’s able to come up with, like this Dr. Jeckyll/ Mr. Hyde R&B Rap, in his hotel room between shows in Amsterdam are so entertaining.   

I’m A Flamingo

I never realized how much I loved flamingos until now.

Look At That Butt

I’m not sure how someone can muster the courage to performs songs like this at a seated restaurant, but Marc doesn’t give a damn. This older videos that went viral are some of his most entertaining. The range in the crowd’s reactions are hilarious.

You Were There

From uptempo party-starters to heartfelt ballads, Marc has got you covered. And that voice? Sends chills right down my spine.

Chaos And Destruction

You can’t teach this level of commitment. This is just pure unfettered creativity being unleashed onto the world.

Girl’s Club

Marc fantasizes about being in a girl’s only club. Another classic from his older videos.


While Loop Daddy may fly to the farthest corners of imagination, that doesn’t stop him from bringing it back to a cushy wholesome center point as well.

Keep On Trying

The world doesn’t deserve the gleaming ball of unfiltered creative energy that is Marc Rebillet, but we’re so glad he’s here. Whether its by growling about eating ass, screaming about Tom not being able to afford the mortgage, or inspiring a live crowd through remarkably powerful vocal loops about perseverance, Marc Rebillet’s mission to bring joy, kindness, and happiness to the world is an overwhelming success.