The 10 Best Red Rocks Recordings On YouTube Ft. Pretty Lights, GRiZ, Big Gigantic

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This would be the first time in the full ten years that ThisSongIsSick has existed that we weren’t able to catch a show at Red Rocks this season. Considering it’s 2020 and concerts are now taking place in people’s living rooms via live stream events, why not dive into the Red Rocks archives for some content that will bring us back to one of our favorite places on the planet?

Thankfully, there have been quite a few Red Rocks concerts that have been uploaded in their entirety to YouTube. Many of them are from some of our all-time favorite artists too. We were able to dig up some epic recordings from Pretty Lights, GRiZ, Skrillex, Big Gigantic and more. These are perfect for tossing on, cranking up loud, and transporting yourself to the one and only Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

Below are 10 of the best concert recordings from Red Rocks that we could find. All of these are the official recordings taken from the venue. Enjoy!

1. GRiZ Live Band @ Red Rocks 2018

The biggest thing that sets this particular show aside from your prototypical GRiZ live show, is not only the large list of guests that he brought along with him to the party, but the fact that each one takes turns being the focal point of the show. Make no mistake, this is still a GRiZ set, but it’s more of a symphony that has him conducting it.

2. Skrillex @ Red Rocks 2014

We have one word as to why we included this Skrillex set here: R E L E N T L E S S. Don’t believe it?  See for yourself.

3. Pretty Lights Live @ Red Rocks 2018

This is significant because it was Pretty Lights’ last time that he graced the stage on the Rocks. Time will tell if it’s truly a retirement set, but at the time it felt like it. And with that in mind, he pulled out all of the stops here.

4. Alison Wonderland @ Red Rocks 2019

Alison Wonderland had a huge year in 2019 for a multitude of reasons. This was one of her highlights. She displays an overt ability to connect with her crowd not only musically, but by addressing them on the mic as well, which she does here. This whole set top to bottom really has no skippers.

5. STS9 @ Red Rocks 2017

STS9 are no strangers to this stage as they’ve been playing it since 2003. And with such a huge catalog of shows to choose from, we could have made a list just for them. But the consensus is that this represents Tribe at the top of their game. Even the heads agree.

6. REZZ @ Red Rocks 2019

Space Mom REZZ is another artist who has built enough of a following here that her annual Red Rocks shows are an event unto themselves. Take it from her, as she gives  a shout out to “REZZ ROCKS” right before launching into the second section of “HEX” @ 4:10.

7. Illenium (Throwbacks Set) @ Red Rocks 2019

Illenium got his start here. He sold out his first local show in Denver at the Bluebird in 2015, which seems a lot longer ago then it actually is. So for him to play a bunch of those same tracks to a much larger sold out venue four years after that hits us right in the nostalgia.

8. Opiuo & The Syzygy Orchestra @ Red Rocks 2018

Being that Opiuo is known predominantly for big, bouncy bass tunes – at the time this show was announced we were wondeirng how those would translate with an orchestra backing them. Not only did it translate well, it set the bar for any of his contemporaries who would try something similar. The result of this effort is an all-time show, hence it’s presence on this list.

9. Big Gigantic @ Red Rocks 2015

Since 2011, Big Gigantic‘s “Rowdytown” shows have served as a summer send off for fans across the state. We feel that this iteration of it, Rowdytown IV, is quite simply the rowdiest so far. We’ll see about next year.

10. San Holo @ Red Rocks 2019

Ever since San Holo released album1 in September of 2018, he’s toured all over the world in support of it. In his own words though, he described this show as the “most vibrant album1 show I’ve ever played.” Who are we to argue?