10 Vibey Hip-Hop Producers You Should Be Listening To


While our taste is diverse here at This Song Is Sick, there’s no denying our love of hip-hop and electronic music. Few producers can get it right, but those who do, really know how to bring the vibes. There’s just nothing that makes you feel better than chillin’ with some good hip-hop tunes to set the ambiance. And right now, it’s clear that we all need it.

We know how much everyone loves Kaytranada, and as your designated music diggers, we felt it was our duty to give you the lowdown on other producers you might like. So, without further ado, here are 10 vibey hip-hop producers we think you’ll love just as much as we do.

1. Kaelin Ellis

Kaelin Ellis has been bringing the vibes, brightening our days, and inspiring producers everywhere with daily beat videos on social media. Whether he’s taking an eclectic approach to beat-making or creating funk flips of famous tunes, one thing’s for sure, the man doesn’t miss. There’s just no question why he’s a multi-platinum music producer. And his most recent album, After Thoughts, is a short and sweet introduction to what Kaelin Ellis is capable of.

2. Elaquent

If you’re looking for the most velvety tunes to soothe your mind, look no further. This Toronto tune maker’s discography is more than enough to put your anxieties at ease. Elaquent has been constantly been putting out some of the most buttery beats for over 10 years, and he’s not quitting any time soon. I mean, It’s only April and he’s already put out two big projects: Komfort Food and Bedtime Stories II. Even through the album titles, you can already tell the soulful soundsmith’s songs will turn any bad day around.

3. ESTA.

You can’t talk about vibey hip-hop producers without mentioning someone from Soulection. The LA artist has been making music ever since he was in high school and his passion and hard work haven’t gone unnoticed. Whether he’s remixing a track, creating something new, curating a mix, or DJing a set, ESTA. proves he’s one of the greatest to ever do it. He spoke about his parents’ love for hip-hop and R&B in an interview with The FADER, so it’s obvious where his great taste in song selection comes from.

4. The Kount

Another Toronto-based beatmaker to watch is The Kount. A frequent Kaelin Ellis collaborator, he also periodically shares beat videos on social media and provides sample packs, nudging other innovators to bring their best and pursue their passion for music-making. He recently even produced Noname’s “Rainforest”, which is a huge win for the underground.

5. chromonicci.

Dallas native chromonicci. is known in the community for his signature “niccibounce”, which is a perfect term to describe his groovy take on rap and trap beats. A bright light in the music community, he prides himself in uplifting those around him through constant collaborations and even recently released a track with his mom! Very cute. Nicci never subscribes to one form of expression and has also just expanded to vocal work. We think you should give all of his projects a listen.

6. late year

Power players Dilip and Otxhello come together to create a dynamic duo with their new collaborative project, late year. The young artists have previously produced for hip-hop giants Lil Uzi Vert, Gucci ManeSoulja BoyRoddy Ricch, and more. You should get familiar with these two separately as well, but their debut self-titled album is well worth the listen.

7. Foolie $urfin

Hard to pin down, Foolie $urfin describes himself as a hip-hop and R&B experimentalist with an ever-evolving style. Multi-talented, not only does the musician produce, but he also sings on many of his beats. Always pushing himself to do more, Foolie $urfin has been competing in track & field at the University of Kentucky for the last 5 years. It’s clear to us, he’s also racing his way to the top of the music game.

8. Late Night Radio

While Alex Medellin is famously known as an electro-soul producer (he’s worked with heavy-hitters in the genre like GRiZ and Michal Menert), people might not know about his Vinyl Restoration series. Staying true to the sample-based nature of hip-hop beats, Late Night Radio manipulates these sounds in such a masterful, soulful way that can’t be missed. He’s dropped 9 installments of the series so far and we’re hyped to hear more.


Next up from the Soulection roster, we’re featuring German-born beatmaker IAMNOBODI. His entrance into hip-hop was clear and poignant, as he started off making music as an emcee at the age of 13 years old. His unique taste and output can be credited to his influences ranging from jazz to house, and really sets him apart as one of the standout producers of our generation.

10. J Dilla

While all of the artists we just listed are producers who are currently changing the game, this one can’t be forgotten. Needless to say, we don’t think any of the artists above would be here without the influence of late legend, J Dilla. His impact on hip-hop music, and music in general, is unfathomable and he’ll be remembered for generations to come. There’s no way Dilla can be synopsized in a short paragraph, so we think it might be best to just dig through his whole discography. If you’re unsure where to start, Donuts is an album that revolutionized hip-hop production.