1788-L & Deathpact Team Up On Abrasive Single “M A L F U N K T” Off Forthcoming EP

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1788-L is not human. That fact has been well documented in the past with their branding and glitchy sound design. But it seems neither is Deathpact. The two sets of anonymous artists are creating some of the wildest productions out there right now and show no signs of slowing down. On this abrasive new track “M A L F U N K T,” they show off just how insane their sound design can really be.

Here the two artists push things to the limit in a menacing, post-apocalyptic sounding song that somehow pairs elegant piano melodies alongside what sounds like robots taking over the world. This is the first single off 1788-L’s S Y N T H E T I K EP due on Deadbeats April 26. Enjoy!

1788-L & Deathpact – M A L F U N K T