1788-L Experiments With Heavy, Glitchy Sound Design on ‘Parallel: S’ EP


The AI robot producer, aka 1788-L, has become a site regular with their mix of twisted remixes and ear-bending originals. The mysterious DJ has created a unique brand of glitchy electronica all together and always has something heavy to bring to the table. Their latest release is a two-track EP titled Parallel: S which comes out through Deadbeats.

As always, the sound design is insane. The first track, “Human Machine,” sounds much more like machine than anything human that we know of. Industrial synths and distorted bass come together to create a dark, midtempo banger. The second tune, “Automation,” actually takes a groovier approach with a robotic dance beat that resembles something from that of the Daft Punk Discovery era. Maybe it’s an ode to the legendary French duo’s departure from music but regardless, we’re enjoying the funkier side to the robot.

Stream the new EP below and enjoy!

1788-L – Parallel: S