1788-L Releases Monster Remix Of RL Grime’s “Era”

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The RL Grime remixes are officially rolling out and today there is a WILD one to get things started. 1788-L has had an insane year bursting on the scene with their insane sound design across must hear remixes of artists like The Glitch Mob, REZZ, Skrillex and more in addition to his original tracks like the insane S E N T I E N C E EP. This time around 1788-L shows just how forward-thinking their production truly is.

The enigmatic producer puts his magic touch on RL Grime’s “Era” and it’s sounding just as crazy as you could imagine. 1788-L’s “Era” remix is what I imagine cyborgs taking over the world sounds like. The industrial sound design we hear on this is inimitable and somehow takes the original in an even more energetic direction with growling, mechanical sounds only a robot could make. Check it out below and enjoy!

RL Grime – Era (1788-L Remix)