Enigmatic Producer 1788-L Announces Debut EP ‘SENTIENCE’ & Launches New Cryptic AI-Powered Website


We’ve been keeping an eye on 1788-L for a while now, but even though we’ve seen the up-and-coming artist team up on some incredibly heavy collabs with Illenium, REZZ and more…we haven’t learned anything new about the incredibly enigmatic producer. Today, as if to add to the mystery, 1788-L has announced a brand new EP SENTIENCE.

With the announcement of this forthcoming EP comes the launch of 1788-L’s apparently AI-powered website, whatis1788l.com. Considering this new website, 1788-L’s robotic persona and heavy, machine like sound design as heard on singles like “C Y B E R S P A C E“, and remixes of Skrillex x Poo Bear, and Kraftwerk, we’re starting to wonder if there really is a human being 1788-L at all… Keep an eye out for 1788-L’s new single “F U L L / B U R S T” dropping this Friday (Aug 3.) via Deadbeats and make sure to check out whatis1788l.com, as it seems asking the AI prompt anything 1788-L yields some interesting responses that might help uncover some clues as to what’s next for the project. Enjoy!

S E N T I E N C E / E P

1 / 4 : F U L L / B U R S T
[ 1 7 8 8 – L & @tottodubz ]
P R E S A V E : https://t.co/LucJlBmzTw
O U T : 8 / 3 – V I A @deadbeats pic.twitter.com/96CKUTkBOx

— 1788-L (@l_1788) July 30, 2018