Mystery Producer 1788-L Stuns With Glitchy Original “C Y B E R S P A C E”

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With the rate that 1788-L is cranking out tracks we’re starting to really believe they’re a robot. The enigmatic producer has been dropping a mix of twisted remixes and ear-bending originals that have firmly established their unique brand of glitchy electronica as a SoundCloud staple. When crafting a remix 1788-L isn’t afraid to take on some of the biggest names in electronic music – the producer’s budding discography already includes remixes of Illenium, Skrillex, and Kraftwerk.

“C Y B E R S P A C E” is 1788-L’s latest original and it features the robotic vocals, ominous buildups, and powerful bass we’ve come to expect from the mysterious producer. 1788-L doesn’t make you wait on this one as the buildup abruptly switches from a static soundscape to an electro-house, mid-tempo bump that sounds as if REZZ hopped in the studio with Justice. Stick around for the second drop and you’re in for a sonic experience that sounds like it belongs in a horror movie as piercing synths grab the listener’s attention in between moments of grinding bass. Enjoy!

1788-L – C Y B E R S P A C E