PREMIERE | Mystery Producer 1788-L Blows Us Away With Heavy, Glitchy Remix Of Kraftwerk’s “Radioactivity”

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Mystery artist 1788-L is a new synthetic automaton from the future who has impressed us with their production abilities. Emerging from the depths of the internet in January with the glitchy, dystopian track “R E P L I C A” and promptly unleashing a torrent of heavy mid-tempo electro on an unsuspecting Soundcloud audience, 1788-L immediately garnered live support from the likes of Seven Lions and REZZ. During a REZZ set at Ultra Music Festival one viewer caught this insane video of what is rumored to be a 1788-L collab.

This android has now taken on electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk with a remix of their 1975 track “Radioactivity.” 1788-L beefs up the original’s ominous build-up with a constant, rumbling, ever-intensifying bass tone that anchors a series of robotic vocal samples. Just a few beats before the insane, glitchy drop a haunting melody from the 1975 track rings out above the briefly calm soundscape. The rest of the track is a thumping, industrial adventure that might be what a robot invasion sounds like. Enjoy!

Kraftwerk – Radiactivity ( 1 7 8 8 – L / R E M I X ) | Stream Only