2 New Unreleased Real Sick B.o.B. Tracks: ‘Not Lost’ & ‘Letters From Vietnam’

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So a lot of you have started becoming fans of B.o.B. (Bobby Ray) starting with the siiick Beatles remix post earlier, and his collaboration with Hayley Williams of Paramore and Eminem posted here. Well his album The Adventures of Bobby Ray is coming out April 27th, next tuesday, so be sure to pick up your copies through iTunes or at the store! Well this first track 'Not Lost' features T.I. and is such a sick track. It features some piano sampling from Coldplay which works so well with the rapping. Rumor has it that they couldn't clear the Coldplay sample and that's why it's not going to be on the album. At least it gets released through ThisSongIsSick. Enjoy this amazing song!

Not Lost – B.o.B. ft. T.I.


Download (Click Link on Page)

This next track is a real sick one also. It's incredibly chill and laid back, not exactly a party banger haha. Well it's a good kick back song, and only makes me like  B.o.B. more. Oddly enough both these tracks are not going to be on the album coming out Tuesday, but everyone should definitely pick up there copy as I know I will. Enjoy and keep posted for details on the Chamillionaire ft. Nick & Ooj concert released later today!

Letters From Vietnam – B.o.B


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